Monday, May 7, 2018

Taking the Church Outside the Walls
Angel and Susana are examples of modern-day world changers. The couple was forced to leave Cuba after establishing a mobile outdoor theater ministry. Their ministry joined believers and unbelievers to dialogue about Cuba’s present and future. Their equipment was supplied by EchoCuba and with it they were able to show films like The Passion of Christ in Cuban communities. They adapted the films and topics presented, based on the need of each community.
The inspiration for this effort began when a group from the U.S. showcased a film in their church. The viewing made Angel and others start thinking about what they could do differently to reach the Cuban people.

Angel and Susana started a movement. Wherever they went and hosted an event, people gathered, received, and many lingered after to ask they about their ministry. With those who approached them, they shared the gospel. Otherwise, they kept the discussions and events secular to draw in as many people as possible. “The closer we became with someone involved, the more chances we had to evangelize to them and the more likely they were to accept Christ.”

To their surprise, house churches started forming in different communities as a result of their events. Angel and Susana had to start training leaders for the newborn churches. With their growing ministry, they were able to impact the lives of many marginalized people including orphans, youth, and the elderly.

The government found out about their thriving ministry and the evangelical and social themes promoted through the films they showed. They began pressuring Angel and Susana through the churches, which are under strong government control. Due to the pressures, the couple chose exile and entrusted the ministry to others.

Leaders like Angel and Susana, have given up their comfort, their lives, homes, family, to advance social change, just like the leaders of the early church. They have impacted the lives of many by taking the church out of the four walls and into the community. These are the kinds of leaders we support as followers of Christ and as an organization.

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