Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Once I had a conversation that blew my mind. But before I tell you about it, I want to thank those that gave so generously of their time and talent in past mission trips to Cuba. Both you and I understand the complications and challenges of undertaking a mission trip to Cuba, but I am sure we agree the rewards are far greater than the little frustrations we all encounter on our path to answer God’s call.

It is well known that the people of Cuba are in great need of our help.  Many Cubans are not only starving for food, medicine and other essential resources needed on a daily basis:  they are also starving for love and the word of the Lord, starving for the love of Jesus who never fails us.

Now on to that mind-blowing conversation, I was asked by a humble pastor and a Christian lady, ”Have you ever thought about the Cuban people from the remote eastern provinces where help cannot get through? These regions are the least visited by missionaries. Thousands of Cubans in the eastern regions still do not even know who Jesus is! But as soon as they hear the good news, they become excited and long to know more and more about our amazing savior, his words and his works.”

Their message was strong and clear. In a flash, I realized the voice of the Lord was talking through them. I could hear the cries of many vulnerable Cubans trying to reach us through these caring, sincere people. Truly, in the eastern provinces of Cuba help is very limited and the people’s need to experience the love of our heavenly Father is great. There are abundant opportunities to serve God and bring the message of Jesus to the people in the remote eastern provinces of Cuba such as Holguin and Santiago.

As you feel the call in your heart to help meet this great need, I invite you to visit our website for more information. Let us know how we can support you in planning your next mission trip to Eastern Cuba.  We are happy to serve you!

Sumaya Davila, Mission Trip Coordinator

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